Excel PivotPower Add-in Update

The Excel PivotPower add-in on the Contextures website has been updated.

The PivotPower add-in makes it easier to change the summary functions in a pivot table, or add protection, and has several other helpful commands.

After you install the add-in, it shows up as a drop down list on the Excel Ribbon’s Add-Ins tab. In older versions of Excel, the add-in creates a PIVOT menu on the Excel menu bar.


You can select a cell in a pivot table, and run a command, so the changes only affect the selected pivot table.


Or, select a cell that isn’t in a pivot table, and the command will change all the pivot tables on the active sheet.


To download the file, you can go to the PivotPower Add-In page on the Contextures website. You’ll find installation instructions and details on the PivotPower commands.


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One Response to Excel PivotPower Add-in Update

  1. Bent says:

    That sound like a very usefull addIn to Excel. Does it work to any verion of Excel?

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