Excel Pivot Table Filters for Top 10

With Excel Pivot Table filters, you can limit the results to a specific part of your data. For example, you can view only the sales from the previous month, or see the products with more than $500 in sales.

If you’re interested in analyzing the best or worst results in your data, use the Top 10 filter feature in a pivot table. Although it’s called “Top 10”, you can see the Top or Bottom Items by value. You can also choose to see the values that make up a specific Percent of the total,  or the products that add up to a specific SUM.

For written instructions for this Excel pivot tables feature, see Excel Pivot Table Filters – Top 10.

To see the steps in action, watch this short Excel video tutorial for the Top 10 Filter feature.


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  1. Allen Papa says:

    This is a great site, extremely well done. I am just starting my Excel learning and one idea that I was hoping was out there was to be able to click on a cell and have the Windows Date and Time Properties pop up – just as on the taskbar. This way we could just click on the day and have it populate the cell. Is this “pie in the sky” or can you help me find where to learn how to do this?

    Thanks for the very helpful site.

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