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Quickly Change Pivot Table Layout

Pivot tables are a quick way to summarize your data, and they have another advantage too. After you build the pivot table, it’s easy to change pivot table layout, to get a different type of summary. Watch the video below, … Continue reading

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Unpivot Excel Data With a Macro

If you plan to build a pivot table, check the source data first, to make sure you have it set up correctly. If there is a heading for each month’s sales, instead of just one column where all the amounts … Continue reading

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Remove Sum Of From Pivot Table With Macro

When you put value fields into a pivot table, it automatically adds  text to the headings, such as “Sum of Quantity”, if the field name is Quantity. You can manually change those headings, to remove the extra text, if there … Continue reading

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Show Tenths of Second in Pivot Table Times

If you try to show hundredths of second, or tenths of second in pivot table, you might have trouble. Usually, the times are rounded, and there is a zero, instead of numbers, for the tenths and hundredths. See how to fix … Continue reading

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How to Fix a Pivot Chart All Columns One Color

After you create a pivot table, you can insert a pivot chart, based on that pivot table. In this example, the chart shows sales data, per city, over two years. See how to change the chart layout, after you build … Continue reading

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Pivot Table Top 10 Filter From Worksheet Values

Top 10 Filters are a quick and easy way to focus on key items in a pivot table. Instead of looking at all the data, hide everything except a set number of top or bottom items. In the screen shot … Continue reading

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Change Pivot Table to Outline Layout With VBA

When you create a new pivot table in Excel, it uses the Compact Layout, by default. That layout has all the row fields in a single column, with each field slightly indented from the previous field. You can read more … Continue reading

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Combo Column Line Pivot Chart in Excel 2013

Long ago, there was a Chart Wizard in Excel, and it had some built-in Combination Chart Types, like Column-Line. The Chart Wizard disappeared in Excel 2007, along with the combo chart type options. You could still create combo charts in … Continue reading

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Saving Source Data with Pivot Table File

When you create a pivot table in your workbook, the source data records are saved in a special memory area – a pivot cache.  Then, when you close the file, Excel can save the source data in this pivot cache, … Continue reading

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Pivot Table From Data on Multiple Sheets

A frequent question about pivot tables is how to create one from data on different worksheets, or even in different file. Last week, I updated my page on this topic, which shows several ways you can accomplish this goal. Multiple … Continue reading

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