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List All Pivot Fields and Pivot Items in Excel

While you work on a big pivot table in Excel, you might need to document which fields are in the layout. To make that job easy, use this macro to list all pivot fields and pivot items in any pivot … Continue reading

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Pivot Table Custom Subtotals in Excel

In a pivot table, subtotals are automatically added to the outer fields, when you add more fields below them. The innermost field doesn’t show subtotals, but you can force them to appear, by creating pivot table custom subtotals. Learn more … Continue reading

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Remove Pivot Fields With a Macro

Instead of manually taking fields out of a pivot table, you can remove pivot fields with a macro. The sample macro below will remove all the row fields, and there are more examples, and a free workbook, on my website.

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Macro to Make a List of Pivot Tables

In a complex Excel file, you might have several lists, and multiple pivot tables based on those lists. To keep things organized, use this macro to make a list of pivot tables in the active workbook. The code is shown … Continue reading

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New Pivot Items at End of List

Why do new pivot items appear at the end of the lists, when you add them to an Excel pivot table? It’s hard to find those new items, if they aren’t sorted alphabetically. Keep reading, to see why that happens, … Continue reading

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Distinct Count in Excel Pivot Table

When you create a pivot table to summarize data, Excel automatically creates sums and counts for the fields that you add to the Values area. In addition, you might want to see a distinct count (unique count) for some fields, … Continue reading

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Excel Pivot Table Grand Total Headings

When a pivot table has grand totals, Excel automatically names those totals. I’ll show you some examples, with details on which grand total headings you can change, and which ones you can’t.

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Quickly Change Pivot Table Layout

Pivot tables are a quick way to summarize your data, and they have another advantage too. After you build the pivot table, it’s easy to change pivot table layout, to get a different type of summary. Watch the video below, … Continue reading

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Unpivot Excel Data With a Macro

If you plan to build a pivot table, check the source data first, to make sure you have it set up correctly. If there is a heading for each month’s sales, instead of just one column where all the amounts … Continue reading

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Remove Sum Of From Pivot Table With Macro

When you put value fields into a pivot table, it automatically adds  text to the headings, such as “Sum of Quantity”, if the field name is Quantity. You can manually change those headings, to remove the extra text, if there … Continue reading

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