Thanks for visiting the Contextures Excel Pivot Tables blog, which is focused on strengthening your skills in Microsoft Excel pivot tables. The blog will feature tips and tutorials for Microsoft Excel pivot tables. There will also be related material, such as using Excel Tables, that are of benefit to pivot table users.

For a large collection of Excel tutorials and sample files, please visit my web site:

* www.contextures.com/tiptech.html

I’m Debra Dalgleish, an independent computer consultant who specializes in Microsoft Office programming and development. Self-employed since 1985, I’ve learned a lot about pivot tables through my own experiences and experiments (some successful, some not so much). I’ve also seen the wide variety of systems and practices that my clients use, and have learned much from assisting them with data analysis.

I’ve written three books on Excel pivot tables, and you can read the outlines here:

* Beginning Pivot Tables in Excel 2007
* Excel 2007 Pivot Tables Recipes
* Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book

Also, I’m proud to have received the Excel MVP award from Microsoft, every year since 2001.

You can also find me on Google+ — +Debra Dalgleish.