Pivot Table Intro and Resources

Many years, and thousands of pivot tables ago, I wrote a couple of articles for Jon Peltier’s Excel charting website.

Jon has been updating his website, and asked me to write new versions of those articles. He has just published them, and you can follow the links below, to read them.

Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

In the first article, Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel, I explain how to set up a simple pivot table, based on a list of food orders.

You can see how to set up the data table, so it is ready to use as the source for a pivot table. Then, create the pivot table, and make a few layout changes. I used Excel 2013 for the tutorial, and it has a helpful “Recommended PivotTables” command, if you aren’t sure what kind of layout will work best.

Also, there are links to some of the articles on my website, where you can find more pivot table tutorials and videos.


Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel: Links

In my second article, Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel: Links, I list pivot table resources that will take you beyond the basics.

There are links from Jon Peltier’s website, my Contextures website, the Microsoft website, and other sources.

There is a list of pivot table books too, if you want to dig deeper into the topic.

Excel 2007 Pivot Table Recipes


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