Compare Top and Bottom Products

An Excel pivot table is a great way to summarize a large amount of data, and with a Top 10 filter, you can show the top products, or the worst selling ones

In this video, a pivot table summarizes the products sales over a two year period. With a Value Filter, you can quickly show the top products, and see their total sales.


Total for Bottom Selling Products

It’s nice to know what is selling the best, but you should also take a look at the products with the lowest sales. A Top 10 filter can have its settings changes, to show the bottom items, as you can see in the video below.

How many of the low selling products does it take to equal the sales of the top 3 product? Using this pivot table feature is a great way to see how your sales efforts are paying off. Are you spending most of your time promoting products that aren’t profitable?

More Top 10 Filter Info

For more example of Top 10 filters in a pivot table, please visit my Contextures website, on the Top 10 Filters page. There are many ways to use this pivot table feature, when analyzing your data. Don’t stop at just viewing the Top 3 – dig deeper, to see what else is happening. A pivot table makes it easy to pull out these numbers – much easier than creating complicated formulas, and more flexible too.

Video: Compare Top and Bottom Products

To see the steps for comparing top and bottom values in a pivot table, please watch this short Excel video tutorial. It shows how to set up the Top 3 filter, then copy that pivot table, and change it to show the total for the bottom products.

Or watch on YouTube: Compare Top and Bottom Products with Excel Pivot Table


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