Deleting the Entire Pivot Table

To remove a pivot table from an Excel workbook, you can delete the worksheet that the pivot table is one.

Occasionally, you might want to remove a pivot table, but you can’t just delete the worksheet because it contains other data. To remove a pivot table, and leave the other items on the sheet untouched, you can clear the cells.

Clear the pivot table cells

1. Select a cell in the pivot table


2. On the menu bar, click Edit|Clear|All.

3. On the PivotTable toolbar, click PivotTable|Select|Entire Table

This will remove the pivot table, and all its formatting, from the worksheet.

Note: After deleting the pivot table, you might temporarily see drop down arrows where the pivot fields were located, but these should disappear when you activate another cell.


For more information on pivot tables, see the Pivot Table Topics on my Contextures web site.


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