Changing Blank Row Labels

In your pivot table, you might have a few row labels or column labels that contain the text “(blank)”. This happens when data is missing from the source data. For example, in the source data, you might have a few sales orders that don’t have a Store number entered.

You want blank cells in the Row Labels area and Column Labels area to contain the text “N/A.” In the PivotTable Options dialog box, you entered N/A as the text to display in empty cells. However, the empty cells appear as (blank) in the Row and Column Labels areas.

Change the Labels

In the PivotTable Options dialog box, the setting for empty cells affects cells in the Values area, but not the Row or Column Labels areas. In the screen shot above, you can see that missing data in the Values area has been replace by N/A, but the row and column labels haven’t changed.

You can manually change the (blank) labels in the Row or Column Labels areas by typing over them in the pivot table. You can type any text to replace the (Blank) entry, but you can’t clear the cell and leave it empty:

  1. Select one of the Row or Column Labels that contains the text (blank).
  2. Type N/A in the cell, and then press the Enter key.

Note: All other (Blank) items in that field will change to display the same text, N/A in this example.


For more information on pivot tables, see the Pivot Table Topics on my Contextures web site.

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  1. Jijo George says:

    Is there any way to ensure the name sticks after we refresh the pivot table? The solution given here is temporary. As soon as I refresh the table, it is gone.

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